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A dissertation is the most complex and lengthy paper you’ll ever have to write during your studies. So, if you decide to seek help with it, you need to be sure it’s in good hands. Otherwise, you risk getting a dissertation that’s plagiarized, full of errors, or unworthy even of a passing grade.To give you peace of mind, we handpick every dissertation writer on our platform, put them through rigorous testing, and select only the best. Meet some of them:

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Why do students choose EssayWriters to seek help with their dissertations? In a nutshell, we strive to set you up for academic success. To this end, we have infused every part of our process with time-tested quality assurance and customer satisfaction practices.But that’s not all. With EssayWriters, you also get:

Pocket-Friendly Rates

We know you can’t afford to spend all the money in the world on your dissertation. But we also believe you should be able to get it, no matter your income. That’s why we keep our rates easy on your pocket – without sacrificing the quality.

100% Original Dissertations

Our dissertation writers for hire know that plagiarism is a major faux pas with serious consequences once it gets detected. That’s why they craft every dissertation from scratch and take great care of references and citations. Don’t worry: your dissertation will pass any plagiarism check.

On-Time Delivery

No matter how tight your deadline is, we won’t betray your trust: you’ll get your dissertation on time. What’s more, our essay writer strive to deliver dissertations ahead of schedule. And if you struggle with setting the right deadline, let our support give you a hand.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We understand you may want to maintain your anonymity. And it’s fine with us! You don’t have to communicate your name to us, and we don’t store your payment details after you complete the payment. So, your secret is safe with us.

Around-the-Clock Support

Our customer support is here for you, even if you reach out to us late at night or during the weekend. Whether you have an urgent help request, a question, or a concern, they’ll do their best to assist you.

Vetted Dissertation Experts

We don’t let just anyone join EssayWriters. Our selection process is rigorous: we verify candidates’ degrees and other credentials and have them take multiple tests. Only once we’re certain they’re on par with our skill requirements and quality standards, we let them become our writers.

Benefits & Risks of Turning to Dissertation Writers for Help

+ Saves Time
Hiring a ghostwriter will help you save a lot of time and devote it to other business matters.If you want to make a personal contribution to your dissertation, but do not have time to write it completely, you can conduct the research yourself and pass all the results and conclusions to the author, who will be able to combine them correctly.

+ Improves Your Grades
It is no secret that an experienced author can write a dissertation better than any student. Therefore, if you have a low grade point average, this is a good opportunity for you to raise it and avoid unnecessary risks.

+ Provides Flexibility
Life is short, everyone knows it, and no one does anything about it. A student's life shouldn't be all about the desk and books. There are many things students can do to relax without spending a lot of money. These include traveling, sports, movies, walks, and many others. That's why sometimes it's worth outsourcing your work to a professional and enjoying life.

- You Might Not Defend The Dissertation Well
If the dissertation is not well written, and if you have not personally conducted research, or simply have not read carefully what the author has written to you, you may not defend it well.Therefore, our advice is that if you do order a dissertation, be sure to set aside some time and read it carefully.

- Not competent authors
When looking for writers to write dissertations, every student runs the risk of coming across a bad service that will simply write a bad dissertation or provide a copied dissertation with a high percentage of plagiarism.But this will not happen if you use our service. In any case, if you do not need a dissertation now, you can save our website and share it with your friends!

What Subjects Do We Help With?

“Can I hire a dissertation writer for this subject on EssayWriters?” “Can I get help with a niche topic?” That’s the questions we often receive, and let us give you an answer right away: you can!There’s no subject we can’t help you with, all thanks to hundreds of experts specializing in disciplines like economics, statistics, psychology, and more. Yes, we did invest in finding talent and motivating them to work with us. So, no matter the domain of your studies, we have an expert for you!There’s also no need to ask us if we’ll help you out with a particular topic. For our writers, there’s no such thing as a topic that is too complex or challenging. They’re used to accomplishing the seemingly impossible – delivering top-notch dissertations on complicated topics fast!

Medical Science

As it’s a vast field of knowledge spanning from anatomy to microbiology, you may cover a variety of topics in your dissertation. You may choose to focus on genetics, physiology, biochemistry, or neurology, to name a few.Our writers can help you out with writing a dissertation for any of these domains of medical science – and more!


Crafting a dissertation in statistics means you’ll have to spend hours collecting and making sense of raw data. You may choose to focus on analyzing an existing statistical method or even developing a new one, too.Statistics dissertations typically require students to use specialized software in their work, especially in the field of data science.


This is the study of the lands, the Earth itself, and the human-environment interactions. In your dissertation, you may choose to focus on political, physical, or human geography, among other branches.At first glance, it may not seem complex as a dissertation subject. However, students often struggle with cause-effect relationships and a cross-disciplinary approach that’s sometimes required.

Thesis Help

An MBA dissertation requires you to delve deep into marketing, accounting, business management, entrepreneurship, or other domains. It can also rely heavily on a holistic approach to the topic.However, writing an MBA dissertation isn’t a cakewalk. You should show a deep, often hands-on, understanding of core business concepts and how to apply them in practice.


Law studies aren’t for the faint-hearted: they require reading tons of legal documents and their interpretations, as well as understanding them as one system.For a law dissertation, you may choose to focus on a specific area, like international, contract, criminal, or property law. And if you don’t have time to do all the research and writing yourself, our writers are here for you.Don’t see your subject on the list above? No need to worry: as we mentioned at the beginning, this list isn’t exhaustive – it simply reflects the most popular subjects on our platform. We also have writers that specialize in disciplines like:
- Psychology- Economics- Philosophy- Accounting- Biology- Sociology- Finance- International relations- Theology

What Students Think About Our Dissertation Professional Writers

We strive to leave every customer satisfied with our dissertation writing services. To this end, we continuously improve our services. And it shows – in our customers’ feedback!

Writer: Katrine G.
Research Paper
I ordered several papers and all the authors were very friendly and helpful! I will recommend this site to all the students I know.
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I got a good writer who knew everything I needed to get a high score! I will use this service in the future
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I found an author on this site who wrote a cool essay for me! I got a quick response and the work was done cool! Thank you

How to Settle on the Topic for Your Dissertation

If you’re agonizing over the dissertation topic, it’s completely normal. Here are a few tips to help you settle on one before you hire a dissertation writer:

- Make it relevant for your prospective career;
- Align it with your academic interests;
- Keep it simple and achievable.

4 Tips for Crafting an Excellent Dissertation

Let our dissertation writers for hire share with you four secrets of writing an excellent dissertation:
1. Choose the right topic. It should spark interest in you and play to your strengths. Remember: it doesn’t have to be unique – but it should be manageable.
2. Stay on point. You may be tempted to inflate your word count on purpose or just get distracted in writing your dissertation. But you should be concise and always on point.
3. Stick to the requirements. Take a look at them and follow those guidelines to a T. They typically include the word count, structure, formatting style, and deadline.
4. Set aside enough time for proofreading and editing. Your first draft won’t be perfect, but your paper can be – if you invest time into checking and editing it. Consider asking someone experienced for feedback, too.

To Sum Up

Writing a dissertation isn’t a cakewalk, but that’s what makes it so important for your academic future and your career. There’s no way around it – you just have to grind and get it done (or ask us to lend you a hand). But just imagine how relieved you’ll be when you successfully defend your work!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take you to write my dissertation?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an answer here without knowing anything about your dissertation. The amount of time it’ll take depends on its volume and complexity. You can talk to our customer support if you want to get an estimate.

Do you have any discounts or special offers for editing a dissertation?

Since editing a dissertation is faster than writing one from scratch, we offer discounted rates for this type of service. We also have discounts for new customers and bulk orders that you may be able to take advantage of.

Dissertation services are safe with you?

Absolutely yes! We have been in the market for many years and students from all over the world make many orders every day. We have a staggered payment system that gives you the option of not having to pay all the money at once.

Can I see some reviews for each of your professional dissertation writers?

How fast can I get a dissertation if I need it urgently?

Will my dissertation be 100% unique?

Of course! Every dissertation we deliver is written from scratch using the materials and guidelines you provide. All citations are properly formatted, so they won’t be considered plagiarism. Don’t worry: your dissertation will pass any check!

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What Is a Dissertation, Exactly?

Think of a dissertation as the culmination of your studies. It’s the paper where you demonstrate your research and degree-specific skills. It also determines whether you’ll be granted a degree or not. You can be required to write it to get an undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. degree (depending on the country).As professional dissertation writers would tell you, a dissertation is a long paper – the longest you’ve had to write yet, – and you should start working on it well in advance. It can take the whole academic year to craft this paper from the ground up!

How Long Should a Dissertation Be?

The answer depends on your country and the level of studies. Typically, Ph.D. dissertations are 50,000-word-long, master’s ones are 15,000-25,000-word-long, and undergraduate ones are 10,000-12,000-word-long. Writing a dissertation from scratch isn’t for the faint-hearted. So, remember to keep yourself motivated, set aside enough time for it – and turn to EssayWriters for help if need be.

What Are the Main Types of Dissertations?

There are two types of dissertations: empirical and non-empirical ones:
- Empirical dissertations require you to do empirical research: i.e., do some laboratory work, organize surveys, conduct experiments, etc.
- Non-empirical dissertations, in turn, are focused on processing existing findings and data to deliver original insight. They typically involve a lot of reading and, sometimes, crunching numbers.Whether you’re tasked with an empirical or non-empirical dissertation, our professional writers for dissertation can help you get it done fast. We can craft a dissertation based on your original research or help you edit a dissertation you’ve written yourself.