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Why Students Choose Us for History Essay Help

How have we become the top history help choice for students from all walks of life? According to our customers’ reviews, it’s all thanks to these three key benefits of our service:

Best price-quality ratio

We keep our rates reasonable, all without compromising the quality of our services. This makes our first-rate help affordable for any student.

Writers that are masters of their craft

We test their skills and vet only the best candidates that apply to work with us. So, every history essay writer for hire on our platform has years of experience in essay writing in their field, as well as a high level of English proficiency.

Outstanding essay quality

Thanks to our writers’ rich experience and strong essay writing skills, our customers always get a well-researched, impeccably put-together paper. We also verify its originality before the sendoff.

Meet Our Professional History Essay Writers

Without our seasoned writers, there’d be no EssayWriters.org! To make sure you always get a five-star essay, we handpick every expert and test their skills in action. Let us introduce you to some of our professionals.

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Can You Help Me With a History Essay On…

Yes, we can! At EssayWriters.org, you can hire history essay writers for virtually any topic imaginable. How so? We’ve recruited the help of hundreds of professionals to ensure there’s always an expert specializing in your topic.Here are just some of the topics we regularly help our customers with:

  • Cold War (1947-1991)

    The standoff between two nuclear superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, dominated the news – and shaped societies across the globe – for almost half a decade. It spans such impactful events as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Fall of the Wall, and the Space Race.

  • Industrial Revolution (1760s-1830s)

    The transition from manual labor to machine labor, propelled by the invention of steam power, had a worldwide impact on whole countries’ histories, economies, and societies. It also gave rise to capitalism, socialism, and communism and tremendously improved the standards of living across the globe.

  • Enlightenment

    Also known as the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment era shaped science, philosophy, and politics in 17th- and 18th-century Western Europe. From Immanuel Kant and Adam Smith to Francis Bacon and René Descartes, the movement’s members had a ripple effect with ideas and concepts still referred to today.

  • American Civil War (1861-1865)

    The standoff between the Union and the Confederacy is the subject of numerous films, literary works, and research papers. It’s the deadliest armed conflict in U.S. history, and its outcomes shaped the American society of today, with the most significant one being the abolition of slavery.

  • Neolithic Revolution

    Also known as the First Agricultural Revolution, the transition from hunting and gathering to growing crops and cattle some 12,000 years ago allowed humanity to grow and expand. It also enabled humans to build settlements and live in one place instead of living a nomadic lifestyle.

  • Black Death

    The deadliest pandemic ever recorded, Black Death, had a tremendous impact on every aspect of European history, from the economy and environment to culture and society at large. It is also thought to kickstart the Renaissance era through a shift in the worldview of thousands of people.

Let’s Hear It From Our Customers

Want to know what it’s really like to seek help with a history essay at EssayWriters.org? Just check out our customers’ reviews below! Here’s what students like you have to say about their experience with us:

Research Paper

I ordered several papers and all the authors were very friendly and helpful! I will recommend this site to all the students I know.

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I got a good writer who knew everything I needed to get a high score! I will use this service in the future

Customer ID: #23548

I found an author on this site who wrote a cool essay for me! I got a quick response and the work was done cool! Thank you!

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This essay writer is easy to work with, knows how to follow instructions, and got my paper back to me before the deadline.

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Why Hire History Essay Writers?

EssayWriters.org stands for:
- Affordable and transparent pricing. We keep our margins low while ensuring our writers are remunerated fairly. We don’t burden or surprise our customers with extra or hidden fees, either: our pricing is straightforward.
- Only vetted experts. We thoroughly tested the skills of our history essay writers for hire to make sure that no matter who you choose, your essay will be in safe hands.
- Custom essays only. Every order is crafted from scratch based on the customer’s requirements and extensive research. We don’t copy-paste pre-written works. You can see your essay’s originality in our free plagiarism report.
- On-time delivery. We have a strict no-deadline-missed policy. So, with us, you don’t have to wonder whether you’ll get your essay on time. And our experts can craft a knockout essay in just three hours!

While fascinating and thought-provoking, history can also be a challenging subject at times. So, if you find yourself in a pickle over a history assignment, you’re hardly the only one in the world.Here’s why you might want to seek our services:
- You simply don’t have the time for it.
You have to balance studies and work or other life commitments. If you lack time, we can help take some of the weight off your shoulders.
- You struggle with the topic.
For example, you may be well-versed in the Industrial Revolution, but you can’t make heads or tails of the Napoleonic Wars
.- You can’t keep up with the deadlines.
You have to juggle multiple assignments due around the same time. Or, you’d rather prepare for an exam than write this essay.


This is the study of the lands, the Earth itself, and the human-environment interactions. In your dissertation, you may choose to focus on political, physical, or human geography, among other branches.At first glance, it may not seem complex as a dissertation subject. However, students often struggle with cause-effect relationships and a cross-disciplinary approach that’s sometimes required.


An MBA dissertation requires you to delve deep into marketing, accounting, business management, entrepreneurship, or other domains. It can also rely heavily on a holistic approach to the topic.However, writing an MBA dissertation isn’t a cakewalk. You should show a deep, often hands-on, understanding of core business concepts and how to apply them in practice.


Law studies aren’t for the faint-hearted: they require reading tons of legal documents and their interpretations, as well as understanding them as one system.
For a law dissertation, you may choose to focus on a specific area, like international, contract, criminal, or property law. And if you don’t have time to do all the research and writing yourself, our writers are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What You Get With EssayWriters.org

Here’s what you can expect from placing an order at EssayWriters.org:

- Carefully screened ENL/ESL history essay writers. We test their essay writing skills in action before approving the top talent for our platform. We also verify they hold a degree in their field and have solid English skills.
- Extensive writer selection for any need. We have hundreds of history experts specializing in every period and domain of history. So, whether you need an essay on U.S. economic history, the Trojan War, or the history of Palestine, we have you covered.
- No plagiarism in your essay. Before you receive your history essay, we independently verify it contains no plagiarism by running several checks on it. So, you will always get an original and properly cited essay from us.

How We Make Students’ Lives Easier

A student’s life is complicated as-is. But one extra tedious or challenging history assignment can make it even harder to juggle numerous commitments.

Luckily, you don’t have to carry all this weight on your shoulders. EssayWriters can take care of that inconvenient assignment for you while you do what matters more to you, be it preparing for an exam, working on a more pressing paper, or building your career.

With us, your life can be a lot easier. Here are three ways how:

- You can free up some time for other duties or commitments while your writer is hard at work.
- You can avoid the stress and burnout that a heavy academic workload leads to.
- You can have peace of mind regarding your GPA thanks to our writers’ skills.

Crafting an Intriguing Introduction for Your History Essay

Here are three history essay writing tips for writing a compelling introductory paragraph, as per our history experts:

- Pay extra attention to the very first sentence. It should hook, i.e., intrigue, the reader while also letting them know what your essay will be about.
- Understand what question you’ll be answering in the essay. Then, outline how you’ll be doing it in the introduction and what you’ll be arguing for.
- If you struggle with writing a strong introduction from the get-go, make a simple draft and revisit it after you finish the rest of the essay.

How We Ensure Paper Quality at EssayWriters.org

We know that we’re hardly the only history essay writing service promising to deliver a top-notch paper. But unlike some of our competitors, we keep our word. Here’s how we do it:

- We vet every writer on our platform. To see if this or that expert will keep up with our strict quality standards, we test their English and academic writing skills and verify their credentials (degree, background, etc.)
- We check every draft independently. This way, we verify that your essay follows your requirements perfectly, is properly formatted and cited, and contains no plagiarism.
- We have an extensive internal playbook. This way, our writers know exactly what we expect of them in terms of research, adherence to your requirements, and writing quality.

Selecting the Right History Essay Structure

"To kick off your history essay writing process, map out the essay’s plan first. It’ll help you stay on point and be coherent from the first to the last line.

A history essay consists of these components:

- Introduction (one paragraph);
- Main body (typically three to five paragraphs);
- Conclusion (one paragraph).

When it comes to structuring the main body, you can pursue one of these three avenues:

- Chronological structure. Break down your main body based on chronological order.
- Thematic structure. Select a theme for each part.
- Compare/contrast structure. Compare one aspect of the topic against another one."